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Corporate Affairs URC-2 Format | Download Free Templates

Corporate Affairs URC-2 Format- Download Free Templates


1. What is Form URC 2? 

URC 2 is a form filed by a company for Advertisement seeking objections if any about registration of Company under the provision of Part I of Chapter XXI of the Companies Act, 2013. Urc 2 format is Rule 4 of the Companies( Authorised to Register) Rules 2014 provides For the purpose of clause (b) of section 374 of the Act, every ‘company’ seeking registration under the provision of Part I of Chapter XXI shall publish an advertisement about registration under the said Part, seeking objections, if any within twenty-one clear days from the date of publication of notice and the said advertisement shall be in Form No. URC-2, which shall be published in a newspaper in English and in any vernacular language, circulating in the district in which Limited Liability Partnership or the firm as the case may be is in existence and circulated in that district. 

2. Why is it important? 

Form URC 2 is significant so that the objections can be made by any party within 21 days of the publication of the advertisement. The LLP needs to address all the objections if received any.

It is mandatory that the advertisement copy shall be served to the Registrar where the LLP is registered.

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