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Progressive laws India needs to introduce right now

While people may have their doubts (and troubles) about the recent demonetization of currency by PM Modi, it still is an effort. And any effort made for the better should be appreciated. But black money isn’t the only problem facing India and hindering its progress.

While India has a long list of wacky, absolutely unnecessary laws, it is in grave need of certain progressive laws that will take it one step further on the road to development which its neighbors are already quite far along on. Read on to find out the progressive laws around the world that India needs to introduce ASAP.

1. LGBTQ rights

Ever since the passing of the regressive act validating the nightmarish Article 377 in 2013, it has been a bane of everyone’s existence. It has been repeatedly protested against.

Many countries, like Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, England and USA have long since waved goodbye to such a repressive measure. It is high time India followed in their footsteps and did away with this absolutely unnecessary and restrictive act.

2. Legalization of prostitution

Culturally rich India always resorts to looking the other way when it comes to the profession of prostitution. The stigma attached to it makes everyone just shun it as a taboo. This leads to the neglect and the blockage of any outlet for the poor victims of trafficking caught unaware in this rut.

India should follow in Netherlands’ footsteps in legalizing prostitution putting an end to a lot of trafficking, corruption and other evils.

3. Legalization of marijuana

Marijuana has been proved to have medicinal properties. Many countries have already recognized that by legalizing it.

There have been moves to get it marijuana legalized in India lately. If passed, the law will only help in maintaining a healthy network that can be controlled. This will not only curb the rising black market, but also help people suffering from abuse problems.

4. Child and other labour laws

The labour law situation has always been dicey and ambiguous in India. They are very easy to work around leading to large scale exploitation.

India should definitely take lessons from Germany and France in this matter. While Germany treats child labour in the severest way, France has a strict policy on working hours per week.

Find out more on labour laws.

5. Qualifications for political aspirants

While countries like Singapore, Canada and some others have strict requirements for candidature in the Parliamentary elections, India is one of the most liberal countries in this regard.

The only requirements for contesting elections here are citizenship and a minimum age. Moreover, there is no educational requirement and no emphasis on a clean criminal record. No wonder we are never satisfied with our leaders.

6. Law against marital rape

Consent is always the basis of all unions, be it marital or otherwise. Sweden, Brazil, Malaysia, France and many others are quite far along in recognizing this. Marital rape is even punishable by death in many countries.

But India is continues to hold on to its orthodox outlook on this matter claiming that “It will shake the very foundation of families.”

7. Euthanasia

When we have all the rights to live, we should also be given the right to die. As it is, India has wacky laws around suicide where the committing it is legal, the attempt is not. Along the same lines, euthanasia, that is assisted suicide, is also illegal in India.

This is one matter where India should look up to Switzerland where the government recognizes an individual’s right to end their own life, ensuring complete liberty of the citizens. This would be in keeping with the true spirit of democracy, the system of government followed in India.

Here’s hoping the lawmakers realized the urgency of these laws soon and guide India on the road to progress.

Let us know about other laws you think India needs to enact right now.

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