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Industrial Employment Form II | Download Free Templates

1. What is Form II?

Form II is filed pursuant to the Industrial Employment ( Standing Order ) act, 1947 and Rule 6 of the Industrial Employment ( Standing Order ) Central rules, 1950. As per the rule, as soon as certifying authority receives an application under Rule 4 in respect of an industrial establishment, he shall,

a. Where there is a trade union of the workmen, forward a copy of the draft standing orders to the trade union together with a notice in Form II; 

b. where there is no such trade union, call a meeting of the workmen to elect three representatives, to whom he shall, upon their election, forward a copy of the draft standing orders together with a notice in Form II; 

2. Why is it important? 

a. It is a mandatory requirement;

b. It contains the format of notice which shall be sent by the CA along with the copy of the draft order to the trade union.

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