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Form 26AS | Download Free Templates

1. What is Form 26AS? 

Form 2AS is a form that contains information of the assessee related to the following aspect

A. It includes info on tax deducted on your income by deductors and 

B. Details of tax collected by collectors 

C. Advance tax paid by the taxpayer 

D. Self-assessment tax payments 

E. Regular assessment tax deposited by the taxpayers (PAN holders) 

F. Details of the refund received by you during the fiscal year 

G. Details of the High-value Transactions in respect of shares, open-end fund etc. 

2. Why is form 26AS used? 

Part A of Form 26AS contains details of TDS deducted on your salary, interest income, pension income and prize winnings etc. TAN of the deductor and therefore the amount of TDS deducted and deposited also are mentioned. This information is provided on a quarterly basis. This tax Form 26AS is linked together with PAN.

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