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Bring your own device policy | Download Free Templates

1. What is Bring your own device policy?

BYOD policy enables the employers to allow their employees to carry their own electronic devices to work and perform all the tasks using them only. These devices may include laptops, tabloids, smartphones etc. BYOD policies are gaining importance in the corporates these days as they are less complicated and cost-efficient. However, it has certain grave risks involved related to the security and confidentiality of data and technical infrastructure.

2. Why is it important?

a. BYOD helps the company in saving the cost of investing in an expensive and highly advanced computer system

b. The companies through these policies are also relieved from looking for spacious offices to install the entire system. With BYOD, companies can open their offices in small areas also.

c. It helps the employees in performing better as they are already comfortable with the device so no training is required for the employees to learn to use the technical equipment installed in the company.

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