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LawyeredPlus is the key for you to grow your business online. It helps you be more accessible by providing users with multiple connectivity options. LawyeredPlus is a paid subscription based offering. Find out more at LawyeredPlus
Lawyers who take the booking package get this functionality in their profiles, where users can directly book an appointment by selecting an available date-time slot.
You can use this to your full advantage by:
1. Managing time: Set up a calendar and mark the time slots you would actually be available to meet new clients. This reduces the possibility of the client showing up at your doorstep at the wrong time.
2. Making sure the case is right for you: Once the booking is done, you will be provided with the details of this potential client. The description provided by the user at the time of booking will help you decide if you’re up for it. You can directly contact the user and notify him/her of any alteration to the schedule.
3. Customising to your needs: The booking system is developed keeping in mind that you yield maximum result with minimum distraction. For new booking requests, you will be notified via both SMS and Email. You can also mark yourself unavailable on days you think appointments would not be possible.
You can find the Booking Calendar Setup button on the booking calendar at the bottom of your profile. Once you are on the setup page, you can add time slots to all 7 days of the week. Simply enter the start time and end time for a day and click Add Slot. You can add a maximum of 6 time slots in a day. You can also use the following:
1. Set as default Button: You can easily copy a single day’s time slots to the whole week with one click. Simply select a Day, enter the time slots you’d like to use, and click on the 'Set as default' button. This would automatically copy that Day’s slots to the rest of the days.
2. Mark as holiday: It is very easy for you to mark yourself unavailable for any Day. You might need to use this function in times of unavailability due to unexpected work or even a holiday. Using this feature, you will not lose the time slot configuration for that Day. When you are ready to take bookings again, just select the day and deselect the Mark Unavailable option.
Consultation Fee field can be found on the Booking Calendar Setup page, which can be found near the booking calendar at the bottom of your profile. Enter the amount you charge for consultation. And if you want to offer your clients first consultation for free, just select the First Consultation Free button.
You can choose to give your first consultation free of cost. You can find this option in the Booking calendar setup page, which can be found near the booking calendar on your profile. Giving your first consultation for free might make more users interested in doing a booking with you.
You will be notified for every new booking via SMS and Email. Also, every time you login to Lawyered, you will get notified for all activities that have taken place since your last login.
Aligning with our thought of customer centric connectivity, no direct feature of cancelling appointments is provided. The lawyer can always inform the user himself if the appointment cannot take place.
The booking calendar is a part of the LawyeredPlus profile which needs to be purchased on a subscription basis. You can find the details on LawyeredPlus here. If you already are a LawyeredPlus user and you want the booking calendar removed (we hope you’ve thought it through), you can request us to end your subscription.
Before each booking, we verify the user’s mobile number. This ensures that the Contact Number you receive is genuine. Once a booking is made, you can call the client and confirm the appointment.
For added connectivity options, we have given the user the option of requesting a call with you. It’s a very simple process wherein no inputs are required from your side. Once a request a made, you will be provided with the user’s name and contact number through SMS and Email. It is advised to make the call back as soon as possible; this increases your chances of getting the user to book an appointment with you. It is advised that you always take all kinds of booking through the booking feature, as more bookings result in better visibility on the search. This feature is a part of the LawyeredPlus subscription.
You qualify to receive a feedback after a consultation booking has been made for you. Once the booking date has passed, we notify the user to provide a review and rating for the consultation experience.


You can answer all questions that have been posted by users. You will be able to see an Answer button on all questions. By simply clicking this button, you will be directed to the page where you can provide your answer. Start answering now
If you feel that your answer has helped the advice seeking user, you can share it on all Social channels. We promote answer sharing as information provided can be useful for more users. Once you are on the Question page, you will be able to see buttons with which you can share content across different social media channels.
Yes, you can ask questions too. We at lawyered believe that information can be educative as well as inspiring. You can get answers and opinions from other lawyers on any topic you want. You can post questions relating to current laws, legal processes, best practices etc.
The following would be able to mark your inputs helpful; A users who values your advice, other users who also got help from your answers and other lawyers who appreciate the quality of your response. This means, anyone signed up on Lawyered can mark your answer helpful.
The website has been designed to incorporate interactive communication. Every question, either given by you or any other lawyer, has the option to be commented on. If you answer to a question, the user and other lawyers can respond to it. Similarly, you can respond to answers from other Lawyers. We have given this functionality to increase communication between lawyers and to establish a knowledge sharing environment.
Once you have given an answers, there is no direct way to delete your response. You can fully edit the answer given by you, but the entry will not be deleted. If you still wish your answer to be taken down, Mail us at

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