Mumbai | 29 Nov, 2016 (3 years, 8 months ago)

Startup Funding and Finances

Is crowdfunding from international websites legal?

I intend to start a small Clinic dedicated to Charity related to a specific medical treatment. I have already spoken to a Doctor who has agreed to offer services for this clinic.Kindly advise:1. Can I raise & receive funds thru International Crowd funding websites?
09 Dec, 2016 | 14:03

Depends upon the nature of crowd funding and how it is structured. If it is a digital equity crowdfunding, the same will be deemed illegal as per SEBI Regulations. However, digital yet charity based crowdfunding may not involve any regulatory check at all as no particular rights would be created in the donor/investor. SO it all boils down to how you really structure the deal and what is being offered.


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