Hyderabad | 25 Nov, 2020 (2 years, 6 months ago)

Property Law

validity of sale deed( house purchased from father)

My father transferred portion of his own earned house to me through sale deed at market rate 10 lakhs (since I am daughter, care taker of them for 15 yrs & only brother stays away from them). In the sale deed this amount transactions mentioned as 1. 25000/- transferred through check with no.xxxxxx, ( same day 25000/- deposited in my father account). 2. Rs 9,75000/- through Bank( no details were mentioned as I have no proof ).3.I paid registration fee and stamp duty for 10L My father(74 yrs) expired 2 months ego because of corona, This cruel brother came into seen,filed petition in the court saying ' obtained sale deed without paying the sale amount( focusing on no.2 transaction as I have no proof). My mother supports me as I am care taker of them( since my mother cancer patient, spending all miscellaneous expenditures for the last 15 years( medicines providing Car with hiring driver to hospital,money some times, . Please help me by giving legal

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