Mathura | 02 Jan, 2023 (2 months, 2 weeks ago)

Property Law

Uttar Pradesh

1. My father and my uncle have joint property. My father want to shell his share of property, without my uncle permission my father can shell his part of property or not.... 2. In above case, My father want shell his part of property but we ( sons) not want to shell. Someone misguided him so my father want to shell but there is no need to shell the property because financial need of my father is full fill by us . Without son's permission my father can shell the property or not. What action by taken by sons to stop shell of property ?please help us....
02 Jan, 2023 | 15:28

For appropriate legal advice, I need some details and clarifications such as, whether the said joint property is ancestral or jointly acquired by both the brothers, is there any documentation about the ownership of the property? (as it may also have terms about alienation of property)

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