Shillong | 28 Apr, 2021 (2 years, 1 month ago)

Property Law

Uncle took property by fraud

Hello, since we live in city and and my uncle lives in village. We paid money to my uncle for buying land in small small areas through out our lives and saying that he would include his name as well as my father's name in the land but now when we came to our village turns out my uncle has bought land in his name only. People from village and people from our family all agree that my father paid for our land and our house. Now asking my uncle to transfer half of the property in my father's name he is creating drama, says he will not go to registar office for partitioning. He is trying to delay it day by day hoping that we will give up the land. What can we do to make it fair? We never wanted to divide our family always had great understanding, there was verbal agreement between both the brothers that they would have half half of everything.. what can we do to make it through this turmoil ? Thanks in advance.
30 Apr, 2021 | 00:11

You need to file a case under benami property act to get the half share in the whole property if your uncle do not agree to give the half share to your father. you can take my assistance in helping with the case to the end (if virtual courts are available at district level in your area) 9013429126

29 Apr, 2021 | 01:29

Do you have transaction details of the money being spent for that land? If you do, then you can approach the police and file a case against your uncle for cheating. If you want to maintain family ties, best would be to first send a legal notice, if he doesn't listen even then, then you can file a criminal complaint and later on settle once your uncle becomes willing.
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28 Apr, 2021 | 10:07

Dear clientThis is matter of transfer of property and half share
Please give details information inorder to get your answer
If you want legal advise then you can call me on mobile no 9359867870


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