Hyderabad | 05 Oct, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

Property Law

ULC Urban land ceiling

Hello sir... I bought a flat 1000 sq feet with undivided share 43 sq yards in apartment in September 2021 hyderabad when I went for registration ther came a word u r property is in ULC. So it took me some time to understand what is ULC after checking in Google. So kindly if anyone can clear whether I need to get any NOC for registration or permission from any depeartment in telangana or I can show any order to them and tell it was in possession of private person not in government handover. I also seen telangana government gave a chance in 2016 May for ULC property's but the person whom I bought his registration was done in 2013 and he too don't know that it's in ULC and when he is selling now 2021 he got to known. So kindly help me in this matter of ULC whether NOC required or not any proofs so that I can show at registration office 9110760522

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