Thane | 14 Mar, 2022 (1 year ago)

Property Law

Transfer & registration of ancestral property in the name of legal heirs.

The property in question is situated in Hooghly District of West Bengal. Registered joint owner of the property (acquired when they were living in joint family in 1966) were two real brothers Hindu by religion. Both brothers are heavenly abode now without leaving any Will of testament. Their spouses are also no more alive. Elder of them has had No issue(no children) i.e. no legal heir and younger of them has 7 children(5 sons & 2 daughters alive now) as legal heir. Now the 5 sons out of 7 legal heir (2 sisters willing to give NOC for their share) wish to have equal share of the property duly transferred & registered in their name.Querry is 1. What are steps involved to get the property transferred & registered in the name of 5 sons(brothers). 2. How much will be estimated legal cost including stamp duty, taxes & advocates fee etc. 3. Estimated time required to complete the process. 4. Which are the steps that may be taken up without the help of an advocate.
15 Mar, 2022 | 07:34

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