Belagavi | 20 Jun, 2020 (2 years, 11 months ago)

Property Law

To Cancel Leave & Lease Agreement

my mother had made a Leave & License Agreement in year 2018 with a party for 15 years. The Leave & License Agreement was not registered but only notarize. my mother had expired 2 months ago. I'm legal heir to the mother's property for which the Leave & License Agreement was made. Can i cancel the Leave & License Agreement which my mother had done as a Licensor before she expired? I don't want to continue the with the leave & license agreement.
20 Jun, 2020 | 20:14

In a shorter legal route: The Agreement can be easily terminated as per terms & conditions mentioned in such Agreement.
If the terms of the Agreement don't allow such termination, it can be argued that you have a bona fide use of such property.


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