Kota | 07 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 11 months ago)

Property Law

Thanks for the detail explanation. we four brother are jointly hold a property i

we four brother are jointly hold a property in India, with name of father , we all residing in different country out of INDIA as NRI , now that we need to dispose off the property , the plan is to issue a POA to our relatives or closet friend in INDIA. My question is all four of us should have separate POA's and if our children's are adult they should be included in same power of attorney
07 Jun, 2021 | 17:07

yes everyone should sign in POA and all can be in a same or different POA wil not matter.

07 Jun, 2021 | 08:27


Can have a joint POA and single POA , children’s POA depends on the nature of property whether self acquired or ancestral


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