Bengaluru Rural | 08 Jan, 2023 (2 months, 2 weeks ago)

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Tenancy related query

I have residential building in a layout and there is clause mentioned in sale deed saying scheme is only for the construction of single dwelling unit in property.What is meaning of single dwelling unit ? does it mean property cannot be rented if owner is staying in the property
09 Jan, 2023 | 12:34

Single dwelling unit means only one house for residence of one family unit has to be constructed.
However, the condition depends on who is the vendor. If the Vendor is the govt or any public authority and there is special provision of law in effect in that locality then and then only such kind of restraint clause can be incorporated. The sale once completed makes the purchaser absolute in his own rights and the vendor is divested of any right to impose any kind of restraint unless specifically provided for by any special legislation.

You may reach out at, with a copy of sale deed, for further discussions.

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