Mumbai | 03 Aug, 2021 (1 year, 10 months ago)

Property Law

Sublease in Pagdi House

I live in pagdi house for around 20 years. Recently I have shited to another place and have given pagdi house to distinct relative or friend without any considertaion. However my landord is asking me to pay 50% of market rent of the said house. Can he do so? If I refuse to pay and suppose he has legal right and send me notice for the same. In respone if I ask my relative to vacate the house and make sure that no other person reside on pagdi house, will be notice stand not enforceable in law or will court order me to give back the house to landlord. Please advice, your valuable advice will be very useful.
03 Aug, 2021 | 23:12


Try to resolve the issue because your are a tenant and he being a landlord can take steps to get possession of the tenented premises.

Adv Shaillendra Dubey


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