Navi Mumbai | 30 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 6 months ago)

Property Law

Selling half rights of my flat to my father

Because of capital gain requirement, my father needs to buy a property. I have a flat in Navi Mumbai (100% owned by me) in which I can sell partial rights to him. Please let me know (a) if I can sell 50% (or70%) of ownership rights of this flat to my father against sales consideration (registered sales deed) to fulfil capital gain requirement (b) In that case, how does my housing society treat this transaction? (transfer of ownership or no transfer) Society Share certificates remains unchanged or are modified to show my father and I as joint owner? Thank you
31 Jul, 2021 | 01:19

a) I'm unable to understand , how u adjusting capital gain by transferring some rights who will u benefit ?

b) 2 co owners.. Share certificate to be modified

30 Jul, 2021 | 22:39

You want to sell rights to your father ?
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