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Property Law

Self acquired property in Bangalore sold to a person through notarized GPA.

Mrs. Shantamma, the original landowner, sold her self-acquired property which she had purchased in 1968, to Mr. Srinivas in 1988 under a notarized, but not registered, GPA and sale agreement. Mr. Srinivas built a house in 1994 and subsequently in 2007 executed a registered sale deed to Mrs. Nethra(his wife). In the meantime, Mrs. Nethra received B-Khata in her name and has been paying taxes up to date. 1) This is not an ancestral property. 2) In the year 1988, the GPA includes Shantamma's thumbprint and the signatures of her 2 major sons. She also had 2 major daughters at the time. 3) GPA states, Srinivas has been given the authority to sell the property to anybody he wishes on Shantamma's behalf. 4) Shantamma was still alive when Srinivas executed a registered sale deed in Nethra’s favour, but Shantamma’s signature was not obtained. 5) As of today, August2022, Shantamma is deceased. She has 1 surviving son, 8 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren who are18+ and 7 great grandchildren under 18. Now I intend to purchase this property. Can Mrs. Shantamma's legitimate heirs make a claim on the property? If so, what level of familial hierarchy are they eligible to claim?
22 Aug, 2022 | 18:47

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