Coimbatore | 21 Apr, 2022 (1 year, 1 month ago)

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Sale Argreement (Non-registered) related

My father-in-law & his brother has an ancestral property. The property is in his mother’s name & she is no more. My father -in-law & his brother are the legal heirs of the property. The property is undivided among the brothers.   Both the brothers decided to sell the property and had an agreement with a buyer on 08th Jan’2021 for 100 days and paid 5% of value of the property as advance. This sale agreement is not registered. Buyer have not registered the property till date stating various reasons.   In the sale agreement (prepared by buyer) it is mentioned that if seller is not agreeing to register the property in 100 days, he can go to court and by paying the agreement value he will force the seller to register the property on his name. However, it is not mentioned if buyer failed to register the property in 100 what will happen to the sale agreement ? Original sale agreement is with the buyer.   My queries are the following : Is the sale agreement still valid ? Is it required to for a seller to send a notice to buyer for cancellation of non-registered sale agreement ? Do seller need to return the advance to buyer as per law as he failed to register the property
21 Apr, 2022 | 22:19

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