Kolkata | 31 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 6 months ago)

Property Law

Remaining shareholders wants to divide the property equally.

There are 6 shareholders in a property in a Muslim household. More than Ten years ago, one of the male shareholder tried to sell that property to an earlier tenant without taking permission from the remaining 5 shareholders and took an advance. Further, the tenant has not been paying rent for these years. Now, when all the shareholders want to resolve the dispute, the shareholder who sold the property wants the property to be divided as per Sharia law. Help.
31 Jul, 2021 | 07:25

Dear sir
As per your submission it reveals that this is a matter of Muslim law
As per Sharia all legal heirs have equal right the othe legal heirs can challenge the sale dee before Honourable court
Even can claim their share
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