Chennai | 27 Jan, 2022 (10 months ago)

Property Law

Rejection of EB connection from Tamilnadu EB board

Our land area is 2200 sq.feet and we dont have Patta for that land as well as for entire street. But we are regularly paying water tax and property tax for the land. Nearly 40 years, we are residing in the same place Velachery, Chennai). We have one three-phase connection for entire land area. Once our parents got expired, we decided to split entire land into 4 sections. I got one part of land so for that land is applied for new EB connection. They rejected my EB connection requisition and they telling recently government declared the entire area belongs to a ceiling area (Not only our land they telling entire street belongs to ceiling area). For ceiling area/land, government stopped to give EB connection. We dont know how to proceed further and get one more EB connection for that land. Please anyone suggest us.

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