Delhi | 03 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 12 months ago)

Property Law

Property transfer and succession certificate

My sister is in US , but son and mother in India. Sister and i have no interest in properties, when father died instate(without will). And we want to move all properties in name of mother, no disputes expected in future. 2) Sister, need to share NOC from US for succession certificate? and GPA(in name of mother) and Relinquishment deed would be required for properties? 1) Will one succession certificate will work if we are staying in delhi and properties in name of father are in different states. 3) Multiple NOC/Relinquishment Deeds/GPA , for each property ? 4) How to get movable and immovable(properties in two different UP(land) and Rajasthan(flat)) assets transferred to mothers name. GPA would suffice for mutation and further selling ? Please advise cheapest and easy way, since we have financial burden of loans too.
04 Jun, 2021 | 22:58

Alienation of property with GPA has been held illegal as per the law recently decided by the supreme court. One relinquishment deed of all properties will be enough no matter where in India they are situated but those should be mentioned in the deed. The easiest way to transfer any property is through gift deed but cheapest is by will which is not feasible as you and your sister on normal course out live the age of your mother. In case of more info feel free to reach out to me @ 9013429126. I provide 100% authentic paid advice on all legal matters.


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