Jaipur | 11 Mar, 2023 (2 months, 3 weeks ago)

Property Law

Property transfer

Dear Sir/Madam, So basically my father and I had taken a home loan to expand our house to 2 storey and I am the applicant of this home loan to pay full EMI and my father is guarantor. Now due to some family dispute my father asked me to leave the house but all the emi I have to pay as per the document signed during the home loan process. It is automatically deducting from my account and even if I do anything to avoid this emi, my cibil score would be affected which I don't want. Therefore I am force to pay the emi of the house while my asked my younger brother to stay with them in the same house but not paying anything. So what should I do? Second, though the property papers are with the bank which they can not get untill the full amount of loan is not paid. So can my father transfer the property to my younger brother with any other documents such as will or PoA etc but without any property document. Can I use this paper later to recover my emis using the property document once the loan is paid after the tenure. Or any solution you suggest.
11 Mar, 2023 | 14:06

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