Bareilly | 22 Aug, 2021 (1 year, 5 months ago)

Property Law

Property to be considered as stree dhan

Property to be considered as Stree Dhan 1. If a Man dies without will, whether bank and post office account in which Wife is nominee/ joint holder, be considered as stree dhan? What is the share of other legal heirs? 2. Will immovable property purchased by man but registered in name of wife, form part of stree dhan? What is share of other legal heirs? 3. Will jewellery purchased by man while alive and purchased by wife from wealth left behind by man, be considered as Stree Dhan? 4. Do legal heirs have any share over pension account if man?
22 Aug, 2021 | 17:13

Dear sir
As per settled principal of law that nominee is trustee
But all legal heirs would inherit property
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