Mumbai | 11 May, 2021 (2 years ago)

Property Law


i am staying in a house in society which is owned by my husband grandfather now, grandfather is no more and we are holding the power of attorney in the name of my husband father the 1st son of the grandfather. so i wanted to ask that we want transfer the property rights to my husbands father directly instead of grandfather's wife as she is now 86 age but there is also a 2nd son of grandfather but all the property papers are with us and we dont want the property to be given to the second son as all the charges maintenance is paid by the 1st son i.e- husband father and he is staying in that property for more than 10 years the second son as never ever seen the property as he is in village and never visit to this property in life just wants the money without doing anything so i want to directly take the rights of the property on my father in laws name we have power of attorney and property paper with us please suggest me what can i do aas the grand mother also cannot travel from village to the property as she is not well all the that we can change the name to grand mother and divide it in both two instead i need the whole property to be given to my father in law
11 May, 2021 | 17:05


Unfortunately things won't happens as you want on the basis of POA your Husband father holding, you have to find someother way out.

Adv Shailendra Dubey

11 May, 2021 | 16:16

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