Panchkula | 30 Jun, 2020 (2 years, 7 months ago)

Property Law

Property issues in joint family

URGENT!!! I am living in a joint family i.e. my grandmother, my family and uncle's family. House belongs to my father but my uncle's family is also living with us from the starting. We do have a lot of issues with uncle and his family. They disturb us a lot and make it really difficult to live with them. We want them to leave the house but they do not want to leave. We offered them a deal as in money but they are too greedy and want large amount of money and we are also not financial stable. They disrespect us including my grandmother and threaten us. Today only aunt threaten me that she will call police against false allegations. Please help me and give me advice on it. Please I really need help on this asap. Thank you very much.
10 Jul, 2020 | 05:47

Your father's blood relationship with your uncle is relevant here. It needs to be checked if your uncle has any possession rights in the property
But if the property is in your name and you are willing to pay them a certain amount, then the situation seems manageable legally.


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