Bengaluru | 08 Nov, 2021 (1 year, 6 months ago)

Property Law

Property issue

My grandmother with my father brought a land 7.5 acre in absence of my 2 uncles who were in city with jobs, family also had a 5 acres land from my grandfathers share . My 2 uncles were in city with Government jobs, my father was living with my grandmother in village. In 2008 my 2 uncles shared land like this they both registered half each of my grandfathers 5 acre land and rest of the 7.5 acre land was registered in my father's name. Now one my uncle's son wants the share from my father's share. which was mutually shared among the brothers. Is it legally possible to deny him the land as it is already mutually devided and registered as per the need and position.
09 Nov, 2021 | 09:56

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