Hyderabad | 08 Apr, 2022 (11 months, 3 weeks ago)

Property Law

property distribution

Hi. I am maheshwari one and only daughter to my mother who is the second wife to my father(died in 2007). His first wife has a daughter(married) and 2 sons dead 1 year back(unmarried both).my step mother and my mother are own sisters. problem is that my step sister saying that she gives only 1/3rd share of property and that too not 1/3rd share in every property, same where at one place where market value is low.my step mother already has some property on her name and her age is almost 60+. what is my rightful share, how much should i ask her? everything is in her hand because her name and step mom name is there in legal heir certificate. they have to sign for everything. i only point is that my stop already has property why again giving share.is that correct or not.
08 Apr, 2022 | 22:01

your share in property of father if he died without executing any will is 1/5.

08 Apr, 2022 | 19:17

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