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Property Law

Property dispute

My father are 6 brothers and 2 sisters. After my grandfather died, the house with the land became everyone's name. Now we own 5 out of 8 parts by gift deed. Now my parents live in this house. And one of the three brothers who didn't give us is trying to force his way into the house, despite no extra room(only 4 rooms, 1 bathrooms, 1 kitchen) .uses slang languages . Which is not what we want. And they want to sell their share at a much higher price. So what do we do now so we can stay here so they don't force us to vacate our house? Will we get more benefits if we file a partition case in the court for having more share?
28 Feb, 2022 | 23:48

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28 Feb, 2022 | 21:40

In partition case, Court will demarcate (separate) the land according to your share in the property.
You will have exclusive rights over your share. Rights include right to sell, right to occupy, right to build and develop etc.
Therefore, after partition, nobody can forcefully enter your premises and you can peacefully live in your property.
You can also take criminal action against person who uses abusive language.
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