Chennai | 02 May, 2021 (1 year, 10 months ago)

Property Law

Property dispute

My MIL wrote the property in my husband’s name for home loan purpose for which my SIL gave NOC with promised settlement of land in her native.We have to stay abroad to clear the home loan .After returning my MIL started to psychologically threaten ,insult in social gatherings,n emotionally sympathy in front of son showing family disability of arthritis for which she got total knee replacement never let us enjoy the property n asked us to stay away n enjoy only after demise.Now my SIL also demands her rights because settlement which promised earlier couldn’t be done.My husband all his 15 yrs hard earned money on this property .Now he couldn’t enjoy with his family to live jointly as he is only breadwinner.But my MIL refuses to stay joined n wanted us to stay separated in diff portion of the house n demands monthly expenses of 10,000.My husband has no other reserve for our children education so far.My husband is in his 40’s With 5 figure salary.Myself being dentist had to quit my job as my husband n MIL forced infertility fear in me as it runs in my husband’s bloodline.I lost job exp for 13 yrs.How to sort this out.Please help
03 May, 2021 | 05:27

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