Chennai | 23 Jan, 2022 (1 year, 4 months ago)

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We have a 1600 Sq ft house in 2400 sq ft of land in my fathers name. My Mother is also no more. Me and my sister are only the legal heirs.Now we want to demolish that house and construct S + 3 building with 4 houses , 1st floor 1 house,2nd floor 1 house and 3rd floor 2 house. We have a plan approved for this and patta is transferred to both our names.I need now to register 1st floor house and 3rd floor 1 house in my name and other's in my sister name similart to apartments with UDS for each house and i should be able to sell it later without need any legal document from her.please advice.
23 Jan, 2022 | 15:23

Please mention did you recieved legal Heirship certificate from the Honourable civil court
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