Jodhpur | 26 Mar, 2022 (1 year ago)

Property Law


My father expire last year now my two brother want his property I am the inki sister of two brother. I am married in well to do family. Can I clam in my father property too. My mother is alive and house is on her name. Can I have any right to clam on my father property. What are my rights ..
26 Mar, 2022 | 23:38

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Shubham Pabbi & Associates

26 Mar, 2022 | 17:57

If your father expired without making will then your share in his property would be 1/4 where your father is survived by his wife and 3 children.

26 Mar, 2022 | 16:18

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26 Mar, 2022 | 15:06

Yes . After the death of your father without making and publishing any Will, his property devolved upon your mother and three children so you have undivided one-fourth share therein. If you wish to take my legal opinion professionally upon online payment, then can whatsapp at 9830019661 or can EMAIL .....Sinjari Banerjee(Bandyopadhyaya), Advocate of Calcutta High Court

26 Mar, 2022 | 14:31

Yes......... You both are the sharer of the property, You and your mother can claim your right.
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26 Mar, 2022 | 12:13

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