Surat | 12 Feb, 2021 (2 years, 1 month ago)

Property Law

Propert Purchased in E Auction of Bank, but there is Encumbrance on Property

I have purchased property in Auction from Allahabad Bank in 2019(Registered Mortgaged to Allahabad Bank in 2014) and sale Certificate was registered at sub registrar office. And in sale notice and Sale Certificate it was clearly mentioned that property is free from all Encumbrances known to Authorised Person. But later when I went to transfer my name in society share certificate I came to know that property is mortgaged to Dena Bank.,in 2013. And I had done inquiry with sub registrar office and came to know from EC and Search Report that Property was mortgaged in 2013 to Dena Bank and same property was mortgaged to Allahabad Bank in 2014 without any NOC or Release Deed of Dena Bank with Allahabad Bank. I asked Allahabad Bank regarding the issue but they told that we don't know anything about the same and we had given each and every document. I went to dene bank, but they told that some fraud case is going on and FIR is filed against the Mortgagor for Fraud. And they told that they won't give any NOC for the Same. So after that I made a Complaint in Police Station , but there The Manager of Allahabad Bank forced and guided me to do the Case in DRT and close police case

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