Hyderabad | 09 May, 2021 (2 years ago)

Property Law

Process of transferring property in monthers name after my father's death

Recently, my father died. I am his son, and I have a sister. What is the legally correct process of transferring all the properties of my father in the name of my mother? Is it advisable to do so?
09 May, 2021 | 17:42

Make a relinquishment deed in favour of ur mother , more can be stated by looking into the real facts


09 May, 2021 | 15:12


I am presuming your father didn't make a will. In that case, you, your sister and your mother would all become equal share-holders of the properties of your father. For only your mother to become the legal owner of all the properties, you and your sister would have to register something called as a relinquishment deed in favor of your mother whereby you release all the rights that you both have on all those properties and based on the registered release deed and succession certificate from the court, your father's properties can be mutated into the name of your mother in the revenue records as well.

09 May, 2021 | 14:30

You can file petition before Honourable court for issuance of Heirship certificate
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