Chennai | 18 Mar, 2021 (2 years ago)

Property Law

patta number missing in parent deeds

A has sold property to B without mentioning new survey and patta number (but patta was in A name at time of sell to B) in schedule of property. B has also transferred patta from A to his name from revenue. B has made settlement to his son C without mentioning new survey and patta number in schedule of property. But C has also transferred patta to his name. I'm going to buy property from C. Would like to know if there would be any issue to transfer patta from C to my name and to sell the property in future. Parent deed and settlement deed has only old survey numbers. But new survey numbers and patta number are missing. If I'm going to purchase the property, definitely I will mention patta and new survey numbers in my deed. Need to know if there would be complications for me to transfer patta to my name and also to sell property in future since previous deeds doesnt have patta number and new survey number. Seller A is untraceable now and Settlor B is very old. If there would be any complications for me in future after purchase, what are the procedures to make my purchase a clear title considering Seller A unavailability and Old aged Settlor B.

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