Bengaluru | 13 Sep, 2022 (8 months, 3 weeks ago)

Property Law

Partition of property

We are 3 brothers own a property consisting of 3 floors and we have equal share in it. If Partition deed is executed we get only one original copy and remaining are first copy and second copy, to avoid dispute who would keep the orginal copy of the partition deed, our advocate suggested for a release deed to be executed among us , for example 2nd and 3rd party would release the rights on 1st party share and similarly it would be done to other two parties. In this way all 3 parties would get original title deeds is this legally corect?
14 Sep, 2022 | 01:37

Yes execution of a registered release deed in each other's property is a good option suggested by your lawyer to relinquish rights in respect of each other's property share so you all parties can have original copies of the title in respect of their respective property share but get the same drafted with due care. Thank you.
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