Hyderabad | 21 Mar, 2023 (2 months, 2 weeks ago)

Property Law

Parking place and Undivided portion of Land

At the time of Purchase of apartment the parking places were not marked and asked us to park the vehicle where ever vacant place was available,it went on for 4 years . Recently, when I was out of station, without my knowledge, flat number were marked on parking slots. Parking slots have been made for 15 Four Wheeler. But the place is enough for 11 vehicles. The parking place allotted to my flat is very congested & difficult to park my vehicle and to remove it another vehicle has be to removed. No association is formed since five years of occupation. The builder and developer and land owner was same person who is also living in same apartment. In such case what I have to do to get a comfortable parking place. 2. While purchasing the flat, the seller ( same as above) had given only 50 Sq.Yards of Undivided portion of land where as we have to get 65 Sq.yards,(1000/15 flat) On protest from flat owners he agreed to give another 15 Sq.yards of UDPL but linking with to purchase of 2nd Parking slot in cellar. To the best of my Knowledge only 18 vehicles can be parked in both parking place(GF+Cellar). I request you to give legal advise to solve the above.

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