Delhi | 02 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

Property Law

Parents not giving ancestral property share

I am 40 yrs old from Delhi. Our family is deeply patriarchial and after my marriage 12 years ago, parents have also kept distant relation. younger brother (32) never keep touch either. I have 1 elder sister in USA. Recently, she spoke to my mother about her share of ancestral property and mother and father were very angry and upset at her talk and cut off all communication with her. My father had never worked in life and sold some land to purchase additional houses in Delhi which are all purchased in my mother's name and she has already prepared will in favor of my brother. Will I be able to claim my share of ancestral properties which consist of farming and NA lands in Delhi and some houses. Also if need be, can I claim on properties bought in my mothers name. there are 3 houses and 2 commercial shops in her name purchased by father in late 80s-90s A friend said I should not speak till my father is present and should stake claims after he passes away

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