Lucknow | 09 Nov, 2021 (1 year, 6 months ago)

Property Law

Need legal consult for property construction dispute

I am building the first floor of my house in Lucknow. It's a freehold property less than 1500sqft. On the left side of my property is a road of a private colony of a different builder. I have given a a fixed glass window for sunlight, facing the road of the other private builder. The builder is harassing me for closing the window stating that it is illegal. I have not occupied or encroached any portion of his land. Nor have I installed a window that opens on his side. The purpose of the window is for mere sunlight. Since it is a freehold property less than 1500sqft there aren't any map approval authorities I can go to or seek help from. What should I do? I'm tired of continuous harassment and threats from my neighboring builder.

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