Kolkata | 21 Sep, 2021 (1 year, 4 months ago)

Property Law

My grandmother had purchased an agricultural land in punjab.

My grnadmother had an agricultural land in Punjab. She had given a notarised general power of attorney to a person in punjab named Kramjit. This happened in 2007. Now the representatives of that person in punjab had come to us claiming that the land was sold to karamjit, and now they need a registered GPOA to get the mutation done in their name. When i ask for a sale deed, or any paper giving the money transaction details, they are not able to show one and keep on saying that old notarised general power of attorney is the only paper they have. My grandmother had expired and now i dont know what i should do. Please guide me.
22 Sep, 2021 | 09:38

Property can be transferred through sale deed mere POA not transferred the ownership of property
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21 Sep, 2021 | 20:52

Sir, Sale deed always had a better title than power of attorney.
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