Thane | 30 Jan, 2022 (1 year, 2 months ago)

Property Law

Mismatch saatbara and property card entries

My grandpa purchased a land in 1968, measuring 2100 square meters. He went insane around 1980, and was not in his senses till his demise. But the Saatbara has an entry in 1986, claiming he divided the plots into 3, of which he kept a plot of 758 sq mtr to himself, and gave 712 and 716 sq mtr each to his siblings. This is not possible, coz he was not in sane state then. He did divide the plots around 1970, but those entries are missing. The property card states that his plot measures 860 sq mtr, instead of 758 sq mtr as stated in saatbara. But the date of division is not mentioned in that card also. This property is in Thane city. So I want to know if 1) The 758 sq mtr entry in saatbara holds good, or the 860 sq mtr in Property card takes precedence. 2) And if we go for property development, will we face any problems due to this. 3) If we need to correct the saatbara entry to 860, then what is the procedure.
30 Jan, 2022 | 20:15

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