Bengaluru | 01 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

Property Law

MC members, including all office bearers, resignation en Masse

5 of the 7 members of our apartment association's management committee have resigned en masse recently. They have not yet shared the reason. The 5 include the 4 office bearers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer). Hence, only two "members" of MC who are not office bearers are left. We do not have any bye-laws related to this particular situation. Do the remaining two continue in office and hold elections for the vacant 5 positions or is the entire management committee to be first dissolved and fresh elections to be held for all 7 positions of the MC? Also, in situations such as this, does the general body accept the resignation of the 5 MC members? Or does the registrar of societies have to be contacted for his acceptance? Apartment association and its current bye-laws are registered under the Karnataka apartment ownership act, 1972. This association was formed recently mid-Feb 2021 and these 5 resignations have come in barely 4 months after the formation of the association.

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