Tumakuru | 05 May, 2021 (1 year, 11 months ago)

Property Law

Maternal ancestral property Issue

My mother (age 66) did not get her share in her ancestral property. but My mother's brothers are already having Katha and paani (They did partition among themselves ). They did partition some where during 2001 - 2006, my mother did not ask her share on that time, because she is not educated and did know about that, and my grand father died before partition itself. so do my mother have right in that ancestral property today?. she is alive
06 May, 2021 | 20:47

The moment your grandfather died a share in that property got vested in your mother but by not asking for that share during partition if she had notice of it then would imply that she has waived her right over that property. Now there are 50-50 chances of getting back this property from her brothers and my recommendations would be not to venture out to get this property unless you are making a fortune out of it.


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