Mumbai | 11 Mar, 2021 (2 years, 2 months ago)

Property Law


Original buyer who purchased flat from builder has in agreement mentioned parking not given. But he has parking allotment later received from builder. Now, as buyer when i am entering into agreement, we have mentioned that seller has been alloted parking space in parking tower based on parking allotment letter and I (buyer) will be entitled to this parking space free of any encumbrances on the payment of full and final consideration(Flat cost agreed and mentioned in agreement). Now, seller's lawyer is not mentioning abt parking in Schedule of the agreement citing reason as it was not in original agreement, now it cannot be mentioned whereas my lawyer is insisting to mention about parking in Schedule too. What can be done in this case? Can i pay additional stamp duty based on parking area just to safeguard my interest or it is not needed? If this paid, without parking being mentioned in Schedule , will it have legal holding? My purpose is to safeguard my interest to avoid any hassles.

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