Patna | 04 Mar, 2023 (3 months ago)

Property Law

Loan taken from HUF to pay back home laon partialy. Does does house goes to HUF?

Dear Sir, 1. I am from Patna. 2. In April 2002 while working in Bangalore I bought a piece of land in my name. 3. Price of land was Rs. 12 lakhs. 4. I paid Rs. 6 lakhs from my own money and Rs. 6 lakhs from housing loan. 5. In August 2002 my father sent my nephew to Bangalore with few cheque(Combined amount Rs. 3 lakhs). 6. He said that my nephew will stay with me in Bangalore for next 4-5 years for his studies and money he has sent for his expenses. 7. Unknown to his intentions I used those cheque for part payment of the housing loan. 8. My nephew stayed with me for next 4 years for his studies. 9. In year 2006 I took further housing loan to construct a house there. 10. Now in year 2007, I came back to Patna to start my own business. 11. Now in 2023 my father is claiming that house in Bangalore is a family property. What legal remedies do I have?

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