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Sir my grandfather has two daughter and one son my grandfather purchased all property with his income and directly he made in the name of his son (my father) at that time my father was minor now my father's. sisters filed a case that they want share in the property my father age is 63 and my grandfather died in 1992.and sisters completed 40 years of their marriage now can the have right to ask share sir .and one more thing sir this property became self acquired or ancestors ( we asked so many lawyers all given mix answers some are telling they can't ask for share bcz it is purchased in the name of his minor son who now is major so he is the obsolute owner of the property and some telling that once my grandfather died it will b a ancestors property and all have equal rights on property and minor can't earn so if father purchased the property with his income then they have rights to ask please tell me any this type of case judgement has been came in any court for my reference
11 Jan, 2023 | 15:48

Since, the property is received by your father from your grandfather, it becomes a ancestral property, as your father did not purchase it himself.

Now, whether your father's sisters have a right to claim their share or not, depends on how and when the said property was transferred to your father by your grandfather.

You may reach out at, with details, for further discussions.

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