Bengaluru | 28 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

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Land lord not returning lease amount

Sir/Madam, I am staying in leased building which have contract of 3 years which was expired, and land lord orally assured us that he will give money but didn't he kept postponing due to covid as well as we faced financial crunch we understood his situation and gave some time, we have purchased a new flat and not able to move, the money was given partially in cash and bank. What are my legal rights to fight, and owner building is on loan whether we will our amount or not.
28 Jun, 2021 | 21:56

Send him a legal notice first. For any further information, feel free to contact me on my e-mail ""

Shubham Pabbi & Associates

28 Jun, 2021 | 15:21


By owner giving money, I am presuming you mean the security deposit. If he is not refunding the amount to you, then you would have to send a legal notice to them to pay you within 7 days failing which you can initiate legal proceedings against them.

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28 Jun, 2021 | 14:45

The scenerio is not clear but u have right to get back ur money by proper means
Contact for detail discussion
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Asker 28 Jun, 2021 | 14:48

and what's the fee?

28 Jun, 2021 | 14:36

You can show me copy of lease deed
You can call me for advise
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Asker 28 Jun, 2021 | 14:49

What's the fee?


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