Hyderabad | 07 May, 2021 (2 years ago)

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Land dispute

Hello Sir 1. Our grandfather and his father used to live in a village and they had agricultural land of about 15 acres. Due to grandfather's father's health issue and they move to the city, At the time due to urgent need of money, they put old pattadar(15 acres land papers) documents lend some money. Later my grandfather's father dies and they never went back to that village. After 20 years we went to our grandfather's land and later went to a person who given money to my grandfather and asks for documents and land. Now he is saying I don't give any documents to you and if you have any documents show me and take the land. I am confused, what to do. Please advise me what to do. I have few questions 1. How to get an old pattadar document (it very old document written in Urdu) 2. Land is empty still now,(if they register land without knowing us. what I have to do).any legal proceeding can I make 3. I don't have any documents with me, but the person is accepting that it's our land if you have papers bring and show me take the land (in the village few people also ready for a witness who was there during leading from the person)
07 May, 2021 | 14:39

First check in the record of right who is registered as the owner, if your ancestor is still the owner then that would help you in getting papers of the land in their name. If the owner name has changed then you can file an RTI asking them when the owner name has changed and who was the earlier owner and what are the papers on basis of which the owner name has been changed. then you can go to the registrar office and find out if the land has been registered in their name on what basis and finally if everything is fine you can file a case against a new owner.

Tanmoy Chattopadhyay 07 May, 2021 | 14:57

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07 May, 2021 | 08:23

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