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Property Law

Land Acquisition act 2013 and NH act 1956

1- My land Acquired in 2011 for National highway 30 in Bihar and I got payment non-issue. 2- But 2015 after Highway completed, when I measured my remaining land, I found that, some more area(2000sqft) Acquired extra. 3- after so many complain t NHAI, Notification came in 2020 January. 4- My question is that Question 1-Under section 30(3) RFCTLAAR act I am eligible for interest from 2011 till today? Question 2- In section 80 RFCTLAAR act, additional interest mentioned 9% and 15%. Am I eligible for section 80 also. And if eligible, interest on which amount? compensation not paid to me/ or which amount. BECAUSE in sec.30(3) laar act clearly say interest on market value. Am I eligible for interest according to Both sections 30(3) & 80?
18 Mar, 2022 | 23:20

Point-wise answers:
1. S. 30 RFCTLAAR Act deals with solatium which is 100% of compensation amount as determined by collector. Where amount has not been determined in respect of excess land acquired, how can interest be awarded? However, you make a good point in so far as claim is concerned, therefore, interest can be claimed.
2. Section 80 does not deal with excess land acquired. In my opinion S 72 would be applicable in your case. 9% interest is payable for the first 12 months and 15% thereafter.
3. In this case, the appropriate authority shall determine the excess amount payable to you. Interest is payable on the amount so calculated from the date of determination till the date of payment.
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