Bengaluru | 26 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 11 months ago)

Property Law


My father is died and the immovable property in his name.. He is having two sons and these one younger son is died and he is having his wife and minor it it possible to divide the property without court..kindly advice me how the partition will happen.. Total 4 members ..
26 Jun, 2021 | 12:47


Yes, you can just register a family settlement deed and do partition without having to approach the courts.

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26 Jun, 2021 | 11:18

Dear client
This is a question of Hindu succession Act property is divided equally as per Hindu law
Each one take one share
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Asker 26 Jun, 2021 | 11:21

Thank my brother's widow also get the share or his minor son only


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